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“Is This Real Life”…

August 3rd, 2016

You remember the whacked out kid in the back seat from (What’s up?!?) YouTube fame?!?!?!?!? Well If you told Me, it Would be a Drumpf Vs Hillary race back in 2015, I Would’ve Laughed Now with Gold Star Smear & knowing literally Nothing on our foreign policy affairs and Insulting every other GOP’er to a […]

Donny Drumpf had One hellva run He “out crazied” the Crazy’s in the (Oooops) GOP “Clown Car Primary”. Only to now implode by using the one tool that “won” him The Primary, a big jabbering lying asshole fuck mouth It’ll Ultimately ‘COST’ Him This ’16 General Election. See, it is easy To beat up on […]

When ‘Attacking’ Our Gold Star Families Is A Tactic it is all over (“Read it!”) This is the Beginning of The end for the loud Lying Racist Fascist Experiment, Known As Donald J. Trump. Mark this date, And Site you Read it Here First. What did a Great Speaker say at the DNC? “He talks […]

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