“Is This Real Life”…

August 3rd, 2016

You remember the whacked

out kid in the back seat from

is-this-real-life1(What’s up?!?)

YouTube fame?!?!?!?!? Well

If you told Me, it Would be a

Drumpf Vs Hillary race back

in 2015, I Would’ve Laughed

Now with Gold Star Smear &

knowing literally Nothing on

our foreign policy affairs and

Insulting every other GOP’er

to a point, where out of Forty

Republicans only a Scant few

gop-trump-2016(What did I do?!?!)

said they would campaign w/

Drumpf; It’s big Freefall time

Hillary is also no Picnic there

either with her Recent Lie on

her e-mails from FBI director

James Comey sayin’ all of her

statements were Truthful. No,

she Lied, period. End of Story

But doesn’t “Magically” make

her ‘Unfit’ for Office. It makes

hillary-lies-about-lying(No shit!)

her a total douche on that one

question. We are independent

here & call Out ‘Bullshit’ when

it’s merited. Now, knowing all

this: Policy Wise, Governance,

intellectual prowess, & having

accepted reality…..Hillary just

demolishes Drumpf. Hillary is

a lot of things, But Ignorant is

not One Of Them. Don can not

Trump failures are a lot(We know)

say the same thing, & His Free

fall begins. If, the ‘Democratic’

party lets him off the hook and

doesn’t take Him Seriously, he

could Win. But if They do, he’s

Done Son. Dooooooooooooone

This, is ‘An’ Indictment, Of Our

‘Entire’ ‘Political Process’. And,

that Might Be The 1 thing, that

Trump will be remembered for

NOTE: Kansas Republicans Are
Losing In All Elections Badly By
More ‘Moderate’ Or Democratic
People Due To Brownbacks Fail
11 Of Them, All Fell On Browny
NOTE II: On The “Lighter” Side
See Two Golfers “Punch” It Out

Have a day!

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