Donny Drumpf had One hellva run

He “out crazied” the Crazy’s in the


GOP “Clown Car Primary”. Only to

now implode by using the one tool

that “won” him The Primary, a big

jabbering lying asshole fuck mouth

It’ll Ultimately ‘COST’ Him This ’16

General Election. See, it is easy To

beat up on Insane Lying Morons &

being a ‘Loud Asshole Bully’ it’s his

bread & butter. But now, in this big

General Election, he will Try all the

hillary-clinton pointing vs donald-trump(“You’re going down!”)

“same” bullshit, but the results will

drastically different. The entire US

isn’t a The Republican Base. It just

isn’t. And besides this, that Bafoon

knows Nothing. He Did not get the

“Memo”, But His 1st Debate will be

so ‘Awesome’ to watch. A child who

is Getting Intellectually Dismantled

trying to keep up. He will run & try

to change the Date, Venue & might

maxresdefault(Super Liar)

even “Fake” a heart Attack or some

other ‘bullshit’ when getting beaten

He is “dropping” in the polls. It was

-5 after the DNC, Now That’s -9 &

growing. His “Shtick” is not Playing

anymore for a General Election and

it’s because the shit he’s good at is

knowing his Audience. He does not

right now. Oooooooooooooooooops

Have a day!

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