When ‘Attacking’ Our Gold Star

Families Is A Tactic it is all over

Khan with Constitution(“Read it!”)

This is the Beginning of The end

for the loud Lying Racist Fascist

Experiment, Known As Donald J.

Trump. Mark this date, And Site

you Read it Here First. What did

a Great Speaker say at the DNC?

“He talks about excluding people,
disrespecting judges, & the entire
judicial system, immigrants, even
“Muslim Immigrants”. These, Are
‘Divisive Rhetoric’ that are totally
against the “Basic” Constitutional
principles…… have sacrificed
nothing, and no one. You’re askin’
Americans to Trust you with their
future. Let me Ask You, Have You
even read the US Constitution?! I
will gladly lend U my copy. In this
document, Look For These Words
for The Words, Liberty And Equal
protection (under the) law please”

That was a Gold Star Father Khizr

Khan, standing next to his Wife, &

Speaking About His Son who Died

fighting for this country in Iraq 04

Trump idiot asshole(“Orange Coated Hate”)

A scathing, and true statement. So

what did Drumpf do?!?! Usual idiot

shit by replying he has done plenty

“I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices.
I work very, very hard. I’ve Created
thousands and thousands of Jobs. I
I think Those Are Sacrifices, I think
when I can Employ Thousands and
thousands of people, & take care of
their education take care a so many
things…(On Khan’s Wife) but, she’s
looking like, she had nothing to say,
She probably, maybe wasn’t allowed
to have anything to say. You tell me”

Don’t worry Donny Douche, we will

“Tell You”. Loud & clear on Nov 8th

These upcoming debates, will be an

Intellectual “Ass – Kicking” of never

Before Seen Levels. See, Drumpf is

“playin” at This ’16 Election. Hillary,

Donald Trump, Al Baldasaro(<-Racist Slander)

for all her faults just knows ALL the

specifics of Governance, economics,

Math, History, Foreign Policy, and it

isn’t some Fucking Game. She Took

the time to know these facts. Trump

didn’t, & will be badly exposed there

NOTE: ‘Gold Star Families’, Against
Drumpf! Oooooooooooooooooooops
And, Someone Should ‘Sue’ 1 Roger
Stone Into The Stone Age 4 Slander
NOTE II: Republicans Going As The
Lunatic ‘Dismantles’ All The TeaOP
STIFFED: A “cheeto Jesus” Drumpfy
Hasn’t ‘Paid’ Those Little Eichmann
Nationalist Faux Gross Patriot Girls
As Usual, The Moron Still Kind Of A
Fan. He Hasn’t “Really” Denounced
Him Fully. Guess What? Those Kids
Know Exactly What Happened, And
Now Know Dad Is A Moron. Oooops

Have a day!

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