It’s Tough Being a Bernie Supporter

these days; but these days are good

sanders-clinton-split(He’s coming!)

Bernie is Still ‘Mathematically’ in it

but must “Win them all” by 58% or

better to Win. That’s a Tall order in

Any Climate. Let alone, When their

Queen Bee Hillary demands that he

drop out. Ahhhhhh, no. Not just yet

Bernie will Ride this Thing out, until

he’s mathematically out of it and he

Hillary with open arms smiling(Did I win? No)

should. Just as Any Rational person

would do. And as that Goes on just

watch Hillary, start losing her Mind

It will drive her ‘Bonkers’ where she

will scream everything from “sexist”

to “how DARE you!” with no results

The Math Remains. No matter if he

wins or not, the ‘Establishment’ has

been overtly shaken and will always

Sanders with Clinton whispering a dream(“Help me!”)

be in the future. THAT was the goal

Still Time Left….VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Trump Wallace’s Bigot Bus

It’s hilarious and sad all at the same

time. Only 20%, and Shrinking each


day of Americans are Self Identified

As Republicans. Now, assume you’ll

only get HALF of those at BEST. Oh

yeah, you’re doing The Math in your

head right now Laughing, right?!?!?!

See, if you’re a Trump supporter I’m

guessin “math” isn’t your strong suit

10% of all American Voters gets you

CRUSHED In Every National Election

Trump looking like a moron(“Huuuuge loss!”)

Well the old guard Conservative side

wants nothing to do with Trump and

neither do their voters. It’s just toxic

Racist Sludge. Sure they tapped into

it with The Southern Strategy, but it

was supposed to be on the down low

That was Their Trick. Well, with that

thing called the Internet, their Cover

was blown, & you get Full On Trump

Trump indicement of morons(Sadly true)

And that slide down the drain comes

due to Self Inflicted Ignorant Racism

NOTE: Did You Know That A Young
Donny Trump Was Sued By The Doj
For Violating The Fair Housing Act?
He Was, & He LOST. Racist Shit His
Whole Life; Remember The “Birther”
Racist Obama hate?! Started Young
Did Donald Sterling Do It As Well?!
NOTE II: John McCain’s Son Jack Is
The Coolest Guy Around At All ‘The’
Racists Bitchin’ About The Old Navy
Ad. He Posted He And His Wife Pics

Have a day!

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