Racist Recruiting Flub, & Oprah

November 18th, 2013

Here’s the great news about racists. They are really “really” fucking stupid

There is really nothing that says “Superior Race” like putting up recruiting

(lose the hood cowards)

fliers…in a heavy African American neighborhood. Ooooooooooooooooops

The best quote from the whole fuck up was “Well, we don’t have no way of

judging where we’re putting the fliers at”. Ahh, but you do dipshit!!!!! Meh

the great news is that racists are dying off, they’re not factories of hate like

they used to be. AND clearly so desperate, they’re reaching out to the folks

they discriminate against to tryin’ to increase their already falling numbers

What if the vast majority from the neighborhood showed up?!?!? That’d of

(truth stings)

been…awesome. They need the people, but maybe not “them type of folks”

Nothing says KKK like loud, stupid, hateful POS. I’ve said it before & I will

say it again: “give a bigot moron an inch of rope, and they will figure out a

way to fucking hang themselves”. They are dying off, & their hate is fading

Quote the Blues Brothers: Elwood: Illinois Nazis. Jake: I hate Illinois Nazis

You honestly can’t write this hilariously sad, insane shit. It always writes it

self. And expect more to be written in the next 10 years as they “all die out”

Wow, It’s “Rope-A-Dopera”

Speaking of “insane right wingers freaking out screaming that all racism is

gone”, it seems Oprah has raised on eyebrows over a BBC interview she did

(well said)

But what did she say?! Oh, to the question of “Is Obama treated differently

because he’s black” this: “Has it ever crossed my mind?!?!?!? It’s crossed my
mind probably as many times as it’s crossed your mind. Probably it’s crossed
my mind more times than it’s crossed you mind. Just the level of disrespect…
When the senator yelled out “You’re a liar”, remember that? Um yeah, I think
that there’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs, and that “occurs” in
some cases……….and even many cases……….because he is African American”

That is a very valid, true point. I’ve been saying this the entire fucking time

When people say “racism doesn’t exist” they’re the one’s ‘ensuring’ it exists

They’re the fucking racists. OF COURSE they don’t want their hate to be in

the light of day. Well, it’s pretty much up to them. And, they always have a

way of making sure you find out that they’re fucking racist. Because, “Deep


down”, they want to shout it, spew it, and can not hold it back anymore. It’s

like some “bigot asshole liberation” hoping others will agree with them. Um

no. No one agrees with you on this. Unless it’s the entire Batshit Right Wing

blogosphere who lost their minds at what Oprah said. Why?!? Because they

all know it to be true, & it ends their hate party pretty fast. Said it before, &

I will say it again: Not all Republican’s are racist, but if you are racist you’re

a Republican today. Lee Atwater stoked this voting block, now they’re stuck

Have a day!

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