Mr. Francis Bacon’s painting just sold for a cool $142 million

(I am & don’t call me Shirley)

He’s an Irish-born British artist known for “bold, raw” work

For being a dead guy, he is sure worth a lot of $. I guess you

say that about anyone really dead celeb. I did not know that

Bacon had such a draw. I mean, I know the food, and Kevin

(That’s art!)

Bacon(who is only 1% separated from himself) but Francis?

Wow, his art looks a ‘little’ like a drunk & stoned guy took a

Vicodin then started painting. Melted faces, of three dudes,

and ‘all’ fucking weird. I am an art lover for sure. But this is

(Melty Face)

is supposed to be the “Three Studies of Lucian Freud”. But

it looks more like “Holy shit This Acid Trip Is Wild”. And it

sold to a dude who looks at it & thinks, “Yeah, I can so dig

this because all people in my world have BIG melted faces”

To them, feeling at home in Melted Head Land is worth it

Obama Now Says “Keep Your Plan

Obama came out today, & said, “I said if you like your plan

you can keep it. Well I will give insurance companies 1 year

to comply now”. The reason? He said if the insurance folks

will give you your plan(some 7 million folks) back, it’ll now

be accepted under the bill. The only problem?!?!? All those

insurance companies don’t have too now. Well, if you can’t

get your old insurance back, it is now ‘clearly’ on your care

provider, or your non-provider. People who already hated

Obama will hate him more *cough “he’s half black”* cause

they have no bounds to their hate. But he decided to do all

(Yes you are)

this because of 1.3% of the American population was gettin’

their coverage dropped without going “into” the Exchanges

There are “bugs”, fuck ups, & screw ups no doubt. Guilty as

charged. But that’s what it takes to get a new, better system

It’s not even what Liberal’s wanted. They wanted single pay

or Universal, but it still covers the uninsured, once it finally

works. What did Republican’s say? Oh, the usual “scorched

earth” hate of “it will never be fixed because fuck you!”. Oh,

(so long)

how charming. Go sit in the corner, you idiots can’t “govern”

Note: I’m waiting in line tonight to get a PS4. Why? Cause
I’m a nucking ferd. Don’t own a car, or pet. So this is all it
I will let you all know how that went tomorrow so tune in

Have a day!

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