60 Minutes-Gone In 60 Seconds…

November 12th, 2013

Seems 60 Minutes had a bit of an “Ooopsy”. By “Oooopsy”, I

meant they did a story about Benghazi with a ‘source’. But, it

(Big Bang Theory or Grimm)

came out, he was lying. How did they find out?!?! Oh, simple

they checked his FBI report…AFTER the final big piece aired

Ooooooooooooooops. They did issue an apology, for just :60

I guess they needed the other 59 minutes to spew some new

BS. Turns out Republican Lindsay Graham w/other TeaOP’s

were using that piece to hold up nominee’s. After it came out

they fucked up, what did he do?! Well, he released 2 of them,

(“We/I screwed up”)

and the rest?! Well, he will decided on that shit later. So how

did the 60 Minutes apology go?! Well, Lara Logan, AKA, the

hot as shit Chesty LaRue, had the task……….of correcting the

fucked up crap and her producers created. She basically said

“Let’s blame the “FBI report”; that they all could’ve looked up

before they aired the piece. It was weak sauce for sure, and it

damages them badly. Meh, maybe they will cut it down to 30

minutes soon; & let the other 30 minutes all go to retractions

Can’t believe a hired “Merc” lied on camera for his own fame

(The “Fibber”)

Ohhhh wait, I meant to say, “I totally can see that occurring”

You will see Dylan Davies now holding a sign, “Will lie for $”

Have a day!

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