Finally Illinois has pulled our heads out of our asses, and now legalized

gay marriage. Really it just legalized “Equal Protection Under The Law”

(yes we did)

That’s a great thing no matter who you are, or what your race/creed is

We should strive to treat all equal in the eyes of the law. It’s just THAT

simple. Not a hard concept. But to some *cough* (racist right wingers)

they deplore the idea. They will never embrace equal protection under

the law. They don’t think they can succeed in life without being able to

hurt, subjugate, or abuse others. They have lost, will continue losing in

society, will never hold national power again, & all as the tiny nothings

drift loudly into the darkness. All in all yesterday was another good day

(oh yeah)

for abused citizens who simply demand the ‘basics’ of our Constitution

Why would people oppose it? Ask THEM. Their answers will not only

make you sad, they’ll anger, upset, and bother you. Not just at the hate

but the intense ignorance within them. It’s gotten so bad out there for

people calling out the lies, hypocrisy, & stone cold lies Rand Paul said

he would “Duel” Rachael Maddow. WTF?!?!?! Are you serious? YES, I

(“Let’s duel!”)

AM. It is not only sad, it’s pretty much the entire ethos of the far right

today. If you lose in the battle of ideas, bully or shoot them in a “duel”

Wow, this is so laughable is sad. And this level of crazy will only go up

Speaking Of Abused…

The NFL, now stands for Not Feeling Love; & Richie Incognito is VERY

recognizable so his last name is silly. That’d be like “Billy Invisible”, or

(“I’m a dickbag”)

“Mary Bigass” when he’s visible, & her ass is tiny flat. Well, Richie was

the kind of lineman who bullied others. To another team mate, he left

a voice message of racial slurs, insults, & ended with “I’m gonna kill u”

It got so bad for Jonathan Martin, that he left the team to seeking help

Well that’s pretty much over the line. You would not get “that” at your

places of work ever, or else ‘human resources’ gets involved pretty fast

No matter, the other player Jonathan Martin was big, but bullies target

(Yes, they do)

those who “think” or might not instinctively fight back. To me, THAT’s

the issue. Incognito is a hateful, tiny, soulless prick that the world will

dispatch, ignore, & he will end up doing something terrible to himself

It’s Karma, & it’s a real bitch. No matter, this society will change, one

way or another. And we’ll look back on these times with much sadness

It’s happened to me, & the only thing a bully understands sometimes

is a broken nose, & no teeth. It is the only message that “gets though”

Tomorrow: Crazy Right “Obamacare Defcon 79 Freak Out”, & ENDA

Have a day!

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