It seems Republican Rand Paul, Mike Lee, & Ted Cruz

(killed the GOP)

sent a short letter to Harry Reid. It said, “we are going

to filibuster ANY legislation on gun reform. Fuck off!!!”

This is a “very very very” odd political calculation here

See, over 92% of American’s WANT a “Universal Back

ground Check”. It’s to “ensure” that firearms don’t get

into the hands of mentally insane, or crazy people. All


the gun owners want this as well. So the only folks who

do not want this are gun manufactures. Cause they like

selling guns to paranoid insane fucking idiots. It’s good

for business. They look at their profits, and then pay our

Senator’s to vote a certain way. They are literally telling

92% of America to ‘go fuck yourself’. Yet, here’s the best

(notice same sign?)

catch. Everyone “knows your vote” you fucksticks, & that

vote will cost you your elected position. Ooooooooooops!

Take a looksie at Republican Kelly Ayotte dropping badly

She stated, “I voted for the will of my people”. NO, 90%

wanted the UBC’s turd. Meh, don’t worry at all, the 2014


election-cycle will put the GOP out of it’s misery for good

See, A Racist Democrat Official IS Possible!

Wow, it IS possible. 63 year-old Gloria Platko decided to

have a conversation with an Interim Township Manager

(ahhh, man face)

Dexter Mitchell. In that call, she decided to let it all out:

“just rubbing me the wrong way. He is just doing whatever he can.
You know what I think of Mr. Parker right now, and I know you’re
not even going to like this, but he’s just an arrogant (N-word). And
I’m sorry to say it that way………………..but that’s the way I feel.”

Wow, I guess Marge Schott is still alive! Yeah, there is a

reason Dexter might not like that term, as he himself is

also black. Wow lady……the only thing left to do now is

finish off with the “coup de grace non-apology apology”

She called it a, “slip of the tongue”, & finishing her nice

(what a bitch)

“Asshole idiot racial issues milkshake” with the fact that

she has had “Thanksgiving dinner with black friends at

their house”. Stay classy Gloria, because your T-day will

be lighter this year. Maybe just white meat from now on

Tomorrow: Frank Luntz gets busted telling the truth

Have a day!

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