*John’s ramming his finger way up his nose digging for green gold*

Oh, hi there, didn’t see you. I was in “nostril nugget mining heaven”


we all do it, we all see the sexy girl driving in rush hour traffic, who

sadly begins jamming a finger up there to “win a prize”. Then, when

she see us noticing her, traffic moves. The pain is over. Until we all

even out again, & now are looking at each other still. What to do?!?

Ignore, eyes straight, pretend it NEVER happened. Oh, it did, and

you BOTH know it. But what do all your boogers say about you?!?!

(“I KNEW it”)

-if it’s “fluffy sticky”, chances are you are good shape
-if it’s green & a little bloody, get a humidifier, too dry
-if it looks like a tiny snow ball. You’ve been doing a lot of blow
-if it’s kind of crusty & yellowish, it means you’re an asshole
-if it’s gooey, green, & sticky put in on the asshole above’s car

I hope these tips helped, cause after all “boogers are a barometer”

into the soul. Either that or they’re snot & mucus hiding in a nose

Have a boogerfree weekend!

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