CISPA, & GOP-Fidiot

April 25th, 2013

What does CISPA mean? Cute Indian Sauna Patron

About? No. Calming Ignorant Suckers Pandering to

(oh shit)

Atheists? No. It means Cyber Intelligence Sharing &

Protection Act. This would allow, for the sharing of

Internet traffic information between all of the U.S.

government & technology & all the manufacturing

companies. The goal of the bill, is to help the U.S.

government investigate cyber threats & ensure the


security of networks against cyberattacks. Um, we

already have that today. They’re called “Warrants”

THIS is serious government “over reach”. THIS is

the shit babbling insane Tea Party Alex Jones nuts

SHOULD be talking about. Instead they sit in their

own filth spewing insane BS. Obama said he’d veto

it. We shall see. If he doesn’t, my foot will be up his

ass. Which will make sitting, & shitting hard to do

Stacy Campfield’s Crack Pot Crock Pot

It seems Tenn Republican Stacy C. doesn’t see the

difference between gun regulation and a terrorist

attack. He tried, as most GOP’ers do these day, to

link two unrelated topics for effect, calling it a joke

This has the opposite effect. Posted a pic Monday:


With the comment “Here comes Feinstein again,”

when confronted about how vile this was he said:

“It was a joke. I was showing the hypocrisy of Diane Feinstein,
the gun grabbers, of their inability to realize that it is a person that does
activity, not an inanimate object, be it a gun or a pressure cooker,”

1st, he is now comparing the regulation of “guns”

who’s sole purpose is to shoot at, and destroy/kill

things with a fucking “kitchen cooking appliance”?

2nd, the evil horrific acts of terrorists using house

hold items to “construct a bomb” is now the SAME

(u fucking turd)

as assault weapon/gun regulation? Wait, I like this

game. OK Stacy, let’s try it your way, how about we

separate all gun parts, and now all the owners must

painstakingly find each separate component, then

assemble them together for a fully functioning gun

I’m all for that. Bet you weapon sales go down fast

He’s such a genius, I can totally see a “new ban” on

bats, piano wire, & hammers. All can be used to kill

This crunchy turd is a birther, playing to racist folks

He’s some shit that gets on your shoe, a smelly turd

Have a day!

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