Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is responding to questions, he is alert, &

can speak a little. He was read his Miranda rights by hospital

(Where POS hid)

bedside. In America, when you’re “asshole terrorist”, courts

come to you. They did everything, & now he will be tried in a

federal court. Another hearing is set in Boston for May 30th

Until then it seems his Mother & Father think their “angel”

was framed by the government. Oh really?!?! Surely they’ve

(mom shop lifting mug)

proof? No, then we monitor the shit out of their lying asses

If a parent blames the US w/o proof. They don’t like the US

Meh, it will ALL out. The truth always does. Unless you are

an Alex Jones/Beck nutter, then conspiracies are all you got

this very weird. Is it domestic? Yes. Are they white? Yes. Do

(get down)

they have connections to Islam?? Yes. Are they American &

smoke weed, but also used terrorist bombs to kill? Yessssss

We chalk this up as a very very “new hard to pin down event”

Anchor-Man, Anchor Fired

Aj Clemente has a rough 1st day on the job. And by “rough” I

mean “fired for saying silly shit” right into the broadcast like:

(ohhh shit)

“gay, fucking shit, and you’re gay”. Well, that’ll do it my man

That wasn’t even the worst part. He just sucks in front of the

camera & can’t speak correctly. Think “Boooooom Goes The

Dynamite”, just worse. Two things in broadcasting: 1) your

mic is always on & 2) keep your swear words off unless you

(Yes it does)

have tourette’s in which case you shouldn’t have been hired

This was such that “go fuck yourself San Diego” moment, I

half cringe, but the schadenfreude in me can not get enough

Here’s to AJ’s new job as parking cop where his words work

Tomorrow: Arkansas GOP’er Chris Nogy’s “murder” letter

Have a day!

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