Texas mourns today. We all stand with them today after the raw terror

You can not imagine the extent of damage this fertilizer plant explosion,


and this was sad. BUT….again, we saw people running to help, acts of

bravery, selfless ways for other citizens to help others. When we’re all

supposed to look fearful, damaged, down, failing. We rise, chest wide

ready to help, fight, stand, & be together. Alone, we are one. Together

(who we are)

we are America. We are strong. And we never stop helping each other

here’s some footage of a father & daughter filming on a cell phone, but

note, it’s very shocking & sad. Texas, you’ll heal, & we’re there for you

currently between 5-15 have passed or are in critical condition. Many

(stay strong)

are firefighters. And at least a 180 are badly injured for these events

CNN Super Disco Fuck Up

Like you read here yesterday, CNN royally fucked up in trying to break

(da da da da da)

a story when they literally had NO FACTS OR CONFIRMATION at all

you know, the shit you sort of need to be thought of as a real journalist

John King couldn’t have fucked it up even worse if he tried. He said:

“I want to be very careful about this, because people get very sensitive
when you say these things, I was told by one of these sources who is a
law enforcement official that this is a dark-skinned male.”

(“Me not smart”)

Forget there was no “Dark skinnned male”, & forget that could be any

body(black, Mexican, Latino, Italian, Srybian, etc.). And he just DID

exactly what he said he wanted to “be careful” about doing when “you

say these thing”. See, he wasn’t careful at all. He should listen to him

self before the other version of himself said the really fucking dumb shit

(Hey CNN)

BTW-they’re now looking for a white male, wearing white baseball cap

on backwards, a gray hoodie & a black jacket. AGAIN, wait until we get

all the facts, & all the evidence. Anything before that is speculation and

then you become CNN, which now means “Crappy No Nothings”. They

made a big ass used fucking penis pump of themselves. What maroons

Tomorrow: Rand Paul’s an asshole & gun legislation screwed by idiots

Have a day!

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