All our tears have not been exhausted, our hearts still broken

Boston’s strong, they are all heart. Our nation is your family


Yet there’s the Alex Jones’ fucking moron in the press room,

asking an insane asshole “false flag” question to the grieving

governor trying to deal with this horrific event. His response

was even better saying, “No, next question”. Just “like a boss”

Beck, Rush, Geller, Ingraham, Steve King, Mitch “turtle boy”

McConnell, and ‘others’ on FOX have all already determined

(truth hurts)

it’s Muslim terrorists, or it is “evil immigrants” here illegally

Oh, they don’t need “proof” or “facts”. See, they got a “hunch”

Ah yes, there’s still literally blood on Boylston street, but why

not crank up the ignorance & hate? These…fucking…assholes

These, hateful, ignorant, evil fucking assholes simply DON’T

fucking CARE. They have no interest in a better society, or a


nation coming together to help each other. For you see, that

nation wants NOTHING to do with these lying assholes. We

just sadly shake our heads in that “boy, you just don’t get it”

way. It shows the immense “Tone Deaf” nature of ignorance

Forget this just happened less than 48 hours ago. Forget we

don’t know if it is foreign or domestic terrorism. If it turns

out to be domestic, all these hateful fucks will quickly turn


the page because it’ll most likely be their version of hate, &

they want to push that under the rug. If it’s foreign, they’ll

crow, scream, saber rattle, & ratchet up the fear to defcon 9

It doesn’t matter which one did it, THEY ARE BOTH BAD!!!

They’re unacceptable, & will not be tolerated by a peaceful

society. But don’t expect FOX to state this, expect them to

shout, “Ohh, it’s just 1 mentally unstable anti-government


bigoted nut crazy Lone Wolf”. Yes, see, you do not castigate

an entire “section” of the population by the actions of a few

Yet, they live in that world everyday doing just that because

it fits into their world view that All Muslims=Terrorist, and

all Anti-Government “Patriots”=Great Freedom lovin’ folks

It’s SO tiring correcting these lying insane hateful assholes

Update: they have a suspect in custody, an arrest was made
According to CNN, but let all the facts come in. CNN broke
it. Wow, CNN. That’s a shocker. PD press update at 5pm
Let’s see what happens during the press conference at 5

Update: Now they do NOT have someone in custody. Now
you know why I was shocked. Because CNN sucks big cock

Have a day!

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