The Assclown Leavith

June 30th, 2011

Glenn Beck is what happens when you mix low information voters


With an apathetic pro wrestling mind-set, a big pile of hate,

Some truck nutz, & 5 scoops of historical lies for good measure

Bake at nutty for 2 years, then serve to minions of morons

(Cue circus music)

It was a delicious & healthy treat

Much in the way it might be to eat 7 Wendy’s Baconator’s

Followed by 3 KFC Double Downs, & 4 “gravy” shakes in one sitting

But Joseph McCarthy 2.0 is finished at FOX. Done. Over. Finito

(You took it over the top)

He can take his “my family was almost lynched” in a NYC park during a movie lie

Roll it tightly, and cram it directly up his lying irrationally surgically repaired ass

The hate you make is equal to the hate you take. Reap what you sow

(He means it)

The next time Beck makes news, it will be something incredibly stupid

Like a clan revival, or *insert some insane event here I don’t care about*

Apologies to the Beatles

MSNBC Suspends Mark Halperin

Why you ask?

Because he said Obama was kind of acting like a “Dick”

(“You! Execute him!”)

He told fellow panelists on the “Morning Joe”

That Obama was “kind of a d–k” for blasting Republican lawmakers

On the budget holdout. It’s not really a negotiation

When you take all things off the table except the thing you want

(“You take all away”)

Then it’s a “threat”, or “fuck you we’re doing it my way by force” situation

Meh, MSNBC has standards I guess; don’t call people “dicks”?

In comedy, everyone would be suspended. No jokes…ever

Media, this is why we can’t have nice things…

Have a day!

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