You’re aware of the 24-7 full time “invent-a-hate” of Jon Stewart on FOX?

(Oh shizzle!)

Such quality “news” programming, and it’s what “stupid” does

“Stupid” tries to “win”, “get you”, or “destroy you”

It doesn’t thoughtfully look inward, or try listening to the point being made

“Stupid” knows “exactly what it’s doing”, when it clearly doesn’t

(Are you really?)

“Stupid” is reactionary, never rational. It instinctively swings back without thought

“Stupid”, while unable to ever cross the street in rush hour traffic in the first place

Now decides to put a box on it’s head, “close it’s eyes” and “plug it’s ears”

“Stupid” doubles down

(Oh nooooooo)

When a modern political party with known systemic racial or ethnic issues in it

Decides “Fuck it, let’s run a black candidate! Then we can call all liberals racist when any reasonable policy criticism is leveled against him. It’s what those dirty liberals always do with Obama the whole time. Let’s give am a taste of their own medicine”

A tiny logic problem with that clunky rusty “bear trap” so loudly set


You’re not catching what you’re claiming you want

You’re hatefully lying in wait to call someone something they’re not

The really sad part is doing all of this in the hopes that some of the attention to the all too real racial, ethnic, or gender based issues some of your party has today, will suddenly go away. They think if everyone has “racist fever”, it’s not specific to you

(Race card bad. Race card good)

It’s like your family setting your house ablaze. As horrified people comment how illegal, evil, and terrible what you did is, you quickly go light the neighbors house on fire. When they come running out, you turn, point, and loudly blame them for all the arson going on. It’s distraction from your own irrational internal hateful problems…

It’s basic projection and it’s a-w-e-s-o-m-e

It’s “stupid” trying to “get” a comedian. It’s fun. You’re feeding us

(Good times)

And it couldn’t be more delicious. What FOX and all of the people who hold these specific irrational partisan views don’t grasp is Jon Stewart clearly does a better job at telling the truth and being impartial with facts in 22 minutes of a COMEDY show

Than they do as 24-7 “news” source. THAT’S all of it right there


Remember, “stupid” doubles down…look at Glenn Beck

Have a day!

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