Green Lantern in 5-D?

June 20th, 2011

Screw just “watching” it…

Why can’t you actually BE Green Lantern?

(Insert yourself here)

You know, spend some quality time on planet Oa

It’ll be dope ass old school…

Republican Funny Bone Remains Undiscovered

The Republican Leadership Conference

Hired an Obama impersonator named Reggie Brown

(Um…now look. No literally)

Who did Obama jokes about his bi-racial nature, and Weiner one’s

When he dared joke about GOP’ers Newt, Mitt & Pawlenty

His mic was cut, and he was taken off stage

We all know Republican’s aren’t funny

Just look at Victoria Jackson, or Denis Miller

But now they can’t even take a fucking joke

(So true)

They’re so out of touch with reality

When “reality” speaks, they cut it’s mic, scream “Witch”, then burn it…

Total ignorance laughing in the dishing it out, but can’t take it…

Classy hypocrite Tea Baggers 101

Have a day!

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