A Texas man dies while raping an elderly woman…

(What an asshole)

In the midst of rape

53 year-old Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez complained he wasn’t feeling well

And he “stopped having sex with her so he could rest”

Hey AP, one doesn’t “stop having sex” when they’re “raping someone”

(File photo)

They “tire of being a rapist for health reasons”

This is cosmic justice, yet what sad senseless horrific trauma for this older women

The good news, fart whistle is dead

The bad news, it should of happened while riding his bike after 3 DUI’s

Here’s to hoping “all rapists” have congenital heart failure at the same time

Samuel “Fucking” Jackson Reads Bedtime For Kids

Really? No, really?!?! We get the bit. He’s black, and he swears…

(Shut it)

And he also read these classics:

-Goodnight Fucking Moon
-Where The Fucking Wild Things Are
-One Fish, Two Fish, Shut Your Fucking Eyes

Have a day!

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