My sarcasm meter just exploded…

(Oh wait, it didn’t)

Dr. Dickhole Donald decided decadently:

“I feel I’ve accomplished something really really important and I’m honored by it”

I can’t tell if he’s he talking about:

(Bet you Tom Cruise answers)

His comb-over look, shitty shows, or declaring corporate bankruptcy 4 times?

Trump’s proud because Obama finally released his “long form” birth certificate

(Knew it!)

But he still hasn’t provided a certificate proving he isn’t a massive douchebag

Now he has to speak to substantive issues like budget, SS/medicare, energy, or wars

He’s deader than that rat on his head. He makes massive morons feel smarter

(Having a “Bad hair” year?)

You’re watching the total collapse of the Republican party, but it’s good for business

*Crosses comedy fingers & looks skyward*

Come on Trump/Bachmann, come on Trump/Bachmann, come on Trump/Bachmann

Have a day!

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