There, you done been told now, so git!

Hopefully anyone over 60 told you, but “the gay” can “infect you”


If you touch someone gay, or breath it in, you get it

It’s an actual periodic element with a symbol of GY*

3 electrons of “fabulous”, and 2 protons of “sassy”

(It’s Gay Gayerson)

A new Tennessee law mandates Teachers not:

“Provide any instruction that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality”

(These two passed it)

Ah yes, the ol’ “If we don’t speak of it, then it doesn’t exist” law

Try it on your alcoholic brother, cheating spouse, thieving accountant, lying boss

And massive Grizzly Bear about to attack and eat your face off

What, it didn’t work? Sorry, seemed so “air tight”

Hey Tennessee, thanks for proving once again


The best thing to come outta you was truck nutz and a bloated Elvis

Pucking A, Blackhawks Win Wild One

under 5 minutes to go in over-time, they win 4-3!

To force a game seven against the Canucks

(No pop)

Oh, it’s on like a snowsuit in winter bitches

Have a day!

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