Or my newly busted chair is getting weaker…

(I’m going with…)

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid poorly made Office Max chair

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it

Obama “Gets Snippy” Story A Joke Of Epic Proportions

Texas local news guys Brad Watson doesn’t like Obama

(I don’t like you)

Watch this interview between he and Obama

Brad decided to cut him off a few times, & then afterwords claimed:

“Mr. Obama said he doesn’t like an interviewer challenging his comments”

No Brad, folks don’t like being interrupted when you ask them fucking questions

Especially when it’s the President Of The United States

Oh, & to Brad it’s not President Obama, it’s MR. OBAMA

(“Why you gotta be a prick Brad?”)

The POTUS politely asked afterwards,

“Let me finish my answers next time we do an interview, all right?”

And so Brad and his station decided to frame the story as “Obama looses cool!”

The interview title was then officially changed to:

“Texas Just Don’t Like You & Never Will Democratic Creepy Black Guy”

Truth is, neither are true. It’s a non-story when we should be talking budgeting

Meh, listen up Texas, many many many great folks there

But if you could deport all your moronic, truck nutz, redneck racists to Mexico

(That’s all you are see?)

Drug cartels would collapse due of the sheer stupidity of their new workers

And your population’s IQ would rise fast

Have a day!

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