Sticky Fingers!

April 13th, 2011

Everybody lifts a pen here and there

pen-thief-t-shirt.jpg(Nice font)

You go to the bank, or you borrow one from a friend

Shit, like casual sex and occasional weight gain, it just happens…

Now let’s say you’re the president of a country and do it

Guess fuck all hell breaks lose

Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus snaked a pen on a Chile visit

czech-president-with-pen.png(Hot fingers)

Then quickly made a t-shirt that said:

“I went to Chile & all I got was this lousy pen”…

In Czech they have a saying: “If it fits in my hand or pocket, I take”

His excuse was that he needed it to write a Czech


To buy a kid on E-baby. The white one’s go for big $

e-baby.jpg(Nice store)

Maybe now he can use that pen to “unreject” climate change

Have a day!

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