Glenn Beck is done. He and FOX have parted ways…

glenn-beck-moron.jpg(It’s spelled right)

The show got dropped like an F bomb at Def Comedy jam

It got dropped like names at an LA night club

Dropped like pants at a log cabin post prom

There has officially been a “Beckoning”

glenn-beck-douchebag.jpg(He takes baths?)

FOX News chief BS’er Roger Ailes said:

“But that story of why America’s in trouble today, I think he told that story as well as could be told. Whether you can just keep telling that story or not…we’re not so sure.”

Translation=It ain’t making any fucking $

Because as Ailes put it, some “weak-kneed” advertisers


If FOX made $ showing rape films, they’d do it

Thank god they flushed this turd

Have a day!

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