What’s the three best things about Arizona?


Guns, sand, and no abortions based on race…

Cool! Wait? Wha? Why? Huh? She signed a goofy as fuck law

that outlaws abortions performed on the basis of the race or gender of the fetus

My question: how the holy fuck do you “prove” this?

jan-brewer-vs-the-crypt-keeper.jpg(Ah! Is that the Crypt Keeper?)

It’s a bold “pro-life” stance politically intended to cut “choice” at the knees

Ohhhhhhhh Jan Jan Jan…

You do realize you’re the GOP’s 2nd older fiddle to Marsha

And we all know who Marsha is right? Little mouth-farter Palin…

Meh, it doesn’t matter. They can’t even pretend anymore

arizona-natural-gas.jpg(Arizona “Natural” gas)

Arizona has a new slogan:

“Where Unborn Babies Have More Rights Than Mexican’s”

Obama’s Approval Rating Ain’t Good

It’s the lowest it’s been at 42%

obama-a-podium-large.jpg(Whoops, my ratings are fell)

He used to be at 48%. Remember those good ol’ days just a month ago?

When our economy sucked, we were stuck in two wars, and jobs weren’t around

footloose-t-shirt.jpg(But at least we could dance!)

Now our economy still sucks, we’re in two wars looking at a 3rd, and still no jobs

Weeeeeeeeeee, now it’s time for society to do it’s thang

Buy more usless shit we don’t need like 3-D TVs, booze, and movies…

Have a day!

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