Ask any FOX Republican, Tea Turd, or Freedom Works Ayn Rander about Obama

You hear the same string of irrational lies, personal insults, and mouth foaming hate

fox-news-brain-wash.jpg(Where’s my beef jerky & NASCAR?)

He’s a “Socialist”, “Maoist”, “Commie”,

Who’s also a “Baby punching human zombie face eater”

Opposition was always about stopping an “out of control guberment”

Last fall, 47% of tea party supporters said they were angry with government

That anger fell to 28% among tea partiers

fox-fail.jpg(FOX fail)

In September, 33% Republicans said they were angry

Today only 16% of Republicans say they are angry

Turns out when you get back a little power, anger subsides. Classy!

fox-news-change-the-channel.png(Glenn & reality aren’t friends)

Glenn Beck, FOX News, the Tea Tards, Christie/Walker/Kasich, and the Koch brothers

Are all totally full of shit. And you morons in those states elected them

They are all selfish middle-class hating irrational assclowns

Who wont even accept their position of “lovin’ guberment” when in power

But “hatin’ all guberment” when out. FOX you’re not news, you’re not facts…

You’re all a political campaign machine solely existing to help Republicans get elected


No worries, it is what it is…

But don’t expect them to accept that. That’s reality…

Afterall, in their minds they’re “fair & balanced”

Have a day!

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