Donald Chump

March 16th, 2011

I thought a Friars Roast was supposed to be funny

roast_logo.jpg(It’s a fiery logo)

Some of the comedians, I like…

But the material was weaker than a 90 year-old on dialysis

larry-king.jpg(I kid, he’s actually 107)

Trump still has his own building in Chicago. They even added a new “top” piece to it

trump-towers-in-chicago.jpg(Chump Towers)

If the man with suitcase handles on his hair can run for the White House

Then any living carbonite based life form can too

trump-posing.jpg(Ah yes, a “can tan”)

That means your cat “Princess Of Perrrrrrrrsha” could run

And maybe win because unlike Palin or any GOP’ers, it can “clean” itself…

Zing, Zong, Zung

Have a day!

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