But was jumped from behind and knocked out with it’s own bat

By basketball. Actually this is the key suspect in the case:

jordan-drinking-beer-funny.jpg(An angry drunk Michael Jordan)

They found the bat in his locker. Oh the irony

White Sox vs Cubs today at 2:05pm in Cactus League play

Which means…well pretty much nothing

Just don’t get any pitchers injured

It is nice baseball’s starting, best time of the year

Next to the Beer sled event in the Olympics


It’s easier to steer than you think, when sober

The Rent Isn’t Too Damn High…

YOU’RE too damn high Republican presidential candidate Jimmy McMillian

jimmy-mcmullin.png(The 1800’s want their beard back)

He’s seeking the party’s nomination to run against Obama in 2012

Then start a new line of beard cream called “Gray Balls”

Where have all the Ray Patterson’s gone?

ray-patterson-leaving.png(“You’re screwed, thank you, bye”)

They went to work in the private sector for more $, because the system’s broken

Who’s he you ask? Only the best damn ex-trash commissioner in Springfield

Have a day!

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