Dude Runs Like A Lady…

August 21st, 2009

Aerosmith sang, “dude looks like a lady”, so why can’t a “lady run like a dude”?

aerosmith-dude-looks-like-1051.jpg(Those are guys?)

South Africa‘s new 800-meter world champion Caster Semenya was declared a “golden girl” by press, with the athlete’s family shrugging off questions about the runner’s gender. Shit sakes people, come on, what do you want?

gril-800.jpg(I’ve seen worse, believe me)

Her to walk in a room, pull down her pants, to see if there’s a stem on the apple?

Maybe make sure she’s not a “Crying Game tucker”?

800-girl-running.jpg(OK, a little more dudish here)

Penis’s are a hard thing to hide. Zing!

Jeeez, it’s clear she’s a girl, and by questioning it makes the person look like a total bag of dicks. Think about it. If you were a girl, and people kept asking if you were a “guy”, that implies you don’t “look” like a girl to them. That hurts. People are saying, “Holy shit you’re homely as a girl, so the only thing you could be is a guy”…

Next person who asks if she’s a girl has to spend three months giving Rush Limbaugh a long, naked, sponge bath…undercarriage included

Be A Bastard This Weekend

I’ll be Inglorious AND a bastard…

inglorious-bastards-bat.jpg(Butt of gun go smash)

Would you rather be called an “inglorious bastard”, or “filthy fart-mouth”?

Is “c”, “handsome bank robber” an option?

Shoot, I’ll still have to pick the 1st one…

I can’t wear masks, and the 2nd one smells funny…

Have a day!

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