I Got This For You…

January 31st, 2009

It was free with any fill-up or purchase of beef jerky…

cloud-9-dvd.jpg(Insert Cloud 69 joke here)

The moment you insert this into any DVD player, sexual innuendo and wacky high jinx instantly ensue. I have a feeling watching this might be like being stabbed in the face with a rusty screwdriver…

Oh yeah, and if you haven’t seen Tropic Thunder yet, see it…before I disown you…

lead-farmer-mfer.jpg(Business looks good)

Super Bowl Schmooper Bowl

Sure you’re ready to watch the game tomorrow. Sure you’re ready to root for either the Steeler’s or the Cardinal’s. Sure you’re ready to party, eat, and drunkenly fall face first through your in-laws glass coffee table. Sure you’re read to see The Boss at half time. But the thing people always talk about is…

The commercials…

bud-bowl.jpg(I miss talking beer)

Lookout for a Conan O’Brien spot, and a funny Bud Lite spot about the economy…

Have a day!

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