January 28th, 2009

He’s an actual hairstyle now…

rod-t-shirt.jpg(Baby piss yellow)

The walking, talking circus that is Roddy B just keep getting better. He’s the car crash you can’t look away from, has the same PR firm as Drew “Me likey to kill wives” Peterson, and can’t count to 4 without crying

He said, “If you do an exchange of one for the other, that’s wrong,” he told ABC television. “But if you have discussions about the future and down the road and what you might want to do once you’re no longer governor in a few years, what’s wrong with that?”

Ah, the ol’ “Robbing a bank is wrong, but if I talk about robbing a bank, then one happens to get robbed down the road after I talked about it the exact same way I said we’d do it, and I have the money in my account, there’s nothing wrong with that” defense. If nothing, ass face is entertaining…

Here are some ideas for Rod…

1) Bring a monkey in diapers or midget to the next interview. It can’t hurt your chances with the Jackass crowd
2) Shit yourself on TV, then when the host calls you out, sheephishly look into camera while putting your index finger to your mouth and say, “Roddy make boom boom”. It’ll become a huge catch phrase
3) Shoot a porn called In Rod We Lust. Everyone else with no talent has done it. Don’t think your special Rod
4) Offer to not be such a huge cock bag
5) Challenge each of your constituents to a duel (Since it might take over ten years, and cost millions of dollars, please have some class and get shot in the face by the 1st person. Thanks)

Anyone See Where I Parked?

parked-car-under-water.jpg(Marco? Bumper!)

I was wet when I woke up…

Have a day!

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