Riptide Called…

November 19th, 2008

They wanted to see if anyone bought a single copy of the complete first season yet…


riptide-box.jpg(More like Sitting On The Dock Of Gay)

I think there’s a huge lot where crappy 80’s shows go to die. I couldn’t help but think Riptide would have friends like Whiz Kids, 227, and Jake And The Fat Man already there waiting…

This Just In

wonka_wilder.jpg(It’s clown poop)

The Everlasting Gobstopper just expired. Time of death 8:23pm. The suspect is Jonah Durkins of Brookfield, PA. He stated, “I was totally on the hardest level in Bioshock, where a Big Daddy flies out of the wall at you when in all the excitement, I swallowed hard. That was it”

Charges will be filed tomorrow by local police…

Marketing Gone Wrong

cracksandwhich.jpg(They got the elusive 8-year-old drug crowd)

Might want to come up with a better name…

How about Reefer Tubes, Booger Sugar Bars, or Heroin Cakes?

Show tonight, have a day!

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