What Ever Happened to…

November 10th, 2008

Joe The Plumber? Remember him?

joe-standing-in-front-of-mccain-sign.jpg(Huh, seems impartial)

I barely do. Wasn’t he supposed to be on *insert shitty reality show here*?

I did write a music piece for him that I’ll be shooting this week…

All apologies to Joan Osborne…

If Joe had a Name,
what would it be and –
would you say asshole to His face
if you were faced with Him
in all His bullshit,
what would you ask
if You had just one question…

and yeah, yeah
Joe is great
Yeah, yeah
Joe is good
Yeah, yeah
yeah yeah yeah

What if Joe was one of Us?
Just a slob like one of Us?
A stranger on the straight talk bus,
trying to lie about His home…

If Joe was two-faced,
what would it look like and
would we want to see
if seeing meant that
You would have to believe
in lies like Marxist and Commie and the Socialists
and all the douchebags and…

Yeah, yeah
Joe is great
Yeah, yeah
Joe is good
Yeah, yeah
yeah yeah yeah

What if Joe was one of Us?
Just a slob like one of Us?
Just a stranger on the McCain bus,
trying to lie about his Home…

Tryin’ to make up his whole tome
Yelling Socialist all alone…
Nobody callin’ on his phone
‘Cept for McCain’s rollin’ mobile home…

Ladies and Gentleman, I Give You…Irony…


road9.jpg(If Jesus saves, who deletes?)

Make sure to get tickets for upcoming shows at Zanies in Chicago! Go have a day!

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