Mitch McConnell had a bad fall

Last evening. While his Politics


are vile; he’s A Human being, &

no one Wishes this Pain anyone

It’s Exactly what separates “Us”

from the far right wing Hate R’s

Domestic Terrorists and traitors

decided to Mock Him for hitting

his head Hard. It’s So disgustin’


All They Are is Hate, Fascism &

can’t govern. Shit they play act

at committees rather than work

And Dan Goldman Put all These

jagoff’s Properly in Their places

It’s so important To See. And in

one Of The Best Moves a Union


Head Dressed down A lacky ass

Lying GQP’ers, Insulting His Life

NOTE: Fox in Full Panic mode & they’re ALL legally
going Down at Light Speed. All the workers know it

Have A Day!

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