Revenge Agenda, NFC & History…

November 17th, 2022

Republican’s will take the House by the

Tiniest Margin, In United State History

(Learned nada!)

They are At 218 +- 3. Hardly a Realistic

governable total. They’ve so many large

“rifts”, “sects” & “crazies” to stay united

That’s the problem with maga, they will

gladly burn it all down; And the very 1st

thing they Want to do? Investigate Joe’s

Son. Bravo, Ya Learned NOTHING from

these elections. Voters want solutions &

Policies That Help ‘Them’, not “Revenge”

And Republican’s/ GQP/ Maga Got none

Republican’s will Take The House by the

‘Tiniest Margin’, In United State History


That’s all folks, Party’s over. Each cycle

24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 will get worse &

worse. They will be done in The Next 3

Fuck, they Won’t even debate anymore

And Kari Lake won’t “concede”. And No

one fucking cares (NFC). She can ‘take’

Her Anti-American Bullshit Hate & Fuck

off. No, one, cares; she’s Gonna Lose &

deserves “Everything coming”. And in a

bold Move today, Nancy Pelosi Stepped

(Like a boss!)

down From leadership. She will still Aid

D’s but believes new, Fresh blood is key

NOTE: TFG, His Kids & The Trump Organization Are
ALL legally fucked. CFO Allen Weisselberg cries and
admits Fat Shit, Jr & Eric ALL were “in” on tax fraud
He’s takin’ the Bullets now for immunity but he said
it went thru (Trump, Jr, Eric, etc). Oooooooooooops

Have A Day!

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