Stone Cold Busted & PROPaganda…

September 16th, 2021

The evil “criminal villain” Rodger

“Busted” Stone has been served

(<-It’s empty!)

It Happened on a “shitty” radio

show called “Real Talk” on 93.3

Of Course It DID! What A Turd

And, it is All About The Jan 6th

Terrorist Attack. He, Like all of

them, are “Going Down” Faster

than a LIL’ fat drunk Kid on ice

skates. Their days R Gonna be

spent in Court Room & jails for

all the crimes they’ve done and

deserve it all. Speaking of shits

(Fat man?!?)

who Deserve What’s Coming &

Fast. A “Lunatic” Propagandist 

“Posing” As ‘Media’ Shouted at

A War veteran tried 2 save the

last Refugees from Afghan and

Then, When he Points Out This

isn’t A ‘Partisan issue’, the Ass

Makes it one, Cuts his mic and

screams at him. Every vet best

learn  the shitty name of Grant

Stinchfield. Where do they Get


their Names: Assholes R Us?!?

What An absolute insane Prick

NOTE: Lucid Motors Might Just Be The New
“It” Electric Car. Time will tell, but big start

Have A “Safe” Day!

12 Responses to “Stone Cold Busted & PROPaganda…”

  1. John Bolger

    Stone, cold, BUSTED! They ALL go down!

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