Laborless Day & DOJ V Texas…

September 7th, 2021

Hope you had the best Laborless

Day In A “While”. As COVID Still


rages In FLA, TX SD and places

where People Are Fucking idiots

the Rest of World, is Acting very

Responsible So we can All Move

on with Our Lives at some Point

See the country was built by the

‘Labor Movement’. Well, That IS

AFTER free Labor Called slavery

which Is, Illegal & Immoral. But

some (COUGH) in The South all

think Is Was ‘Awesome’. And so

in other news; TexASS wants to


end all Abortions & Uses Illegal

laws to Chip Away At it. Well, it

now Seems The DOJ is pushing

back……….HARD. It will now be

protecting Any Women seeking

A Legal Abortion From this Law

Ooooooops. And not for Nuthin

But The SCOTUS Will ‘soon’ be

legally Forced To Overturn this

insane illegal Texas Law due to

“settled” Case Law (Griswald V

Conn., McFall V. Shimp, & Roe)


It Seems the Entire Republican

Party, What is Left, Is In “their”

“Finding Out” ‘Phase’, After ALL

“fuckin around”. Consequences

RIP: To an amazing Actor Michael K Williams
& Even Better Human Being at The age of 54
NOTE: The Fall of The White Supremacists Is
Happening, AGAIN. And, Much, Much Faster!

Have A “Safe” Day!

11 Responses to “Laborless Day & DOJ V Texas…”

  1. John Bolger

    Republican’s are about to get a HARSH dose of REALITY & fast! Ooooops!

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