Well well, it turns out a Chicago

Cop Proud Boy Is A Racist Prick

(<-Racist POS)

Robert Bakker (Short one K) is

the “Subject” Of FOUR internal

investigations. He has now Just

been suspended for 5 days. Uh

WTF?!?!? He, or ANY Racist cop

Can’t Objectively Do A Job then

This isn’t a game it’s life & even

death. Weed Out The Violent, &

Racist Cops Now; Or Own All Of

their Hate. Pretty Simple shit at

(We Know)

this Point. So while We Joyfully

come Out Of “COVID Hell”, the

President & VP Are Now tourin’

The Globe, “Visiting”, ‘creating’

Sound Policy & Gettin’ America

Moving Again. Biden, Met With

Bore- Us Johnson, The UK’s ‘Lil’

monster. Who’s hair was worse

is a clear toss off (Ya saw what

I did there). Biden Will Be Nice

(“I ruined it”)

& knows Boris a far right Wing

lunatic. He’ll Get Exactly, what

he Wants from Him. Just mark

my words Brexit boys are done

NOTE: All The Jan 6th Terrorists, Racists,
Proud Boys, Fascists & assholes are being
Charged as I type. They all, go, down now

Have A “Safe” Day!

2 Responses to “Chicago Racist Cop & Trippin’…”

  1. John Bolger

    Trippin’ In The UK has a funny sound to it. ZING!

  2. AndreatuG


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