We have a Republican Party who

is Objectively A Terrifying mix of

(We Know)

severe ‘Mental Illness’, Limitless

Ignorance And ‘Dunning Kruger’

a Woman In Ohio stood Up, and

claimed the Vaccines have metal

in them to magnetise Spoons, &

other metal Objects to our heads

Bonkers, Party of One, right this

way. She Also said, the Vaccines

have an “Interface” With 5G. Oh,

great. Come this Way please, we

Want Your ‘Padded Room’ To Be

extra comfy. We need a national

(“I’m bonkers!”)

firm pushback Against this idiot

lunatic stuff. Or you Get “Block”

Head utter Fucking morons like

Louie Gohmert, “Who” Actually

asked, “Can We Change Planets

orbits to Stop Climate Change?”

Holy Fuck, that’s a new level of

“Stupid” that 4th Graders know

the Answer Is, “No!”. Jeeeeeeez

Again; They Are Not A ‘Political’

Party Anymore; it’s a racist cult

fracturing by the Day. And Now

(Ha! No)

that world See’s it Schumer has

The Votes to Go It “Alone”. See,

there is No Way to Work With a

side that Refuses Everything, &

doesn’t Live In Reality. It’s Over

NOTE: Brexit “Clown”, Criminal Liar And
Fraud Michael Gove Has Broken The Law
giving ‘insider’ Contract deals to buddies
The Brexit boys will all fall down. Oooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

2 Responses to “Limitless Dumbassery & Inevitable…”

  1. John Bolger

    What a Collection of Republican Fidots!

  2. agotourob

    cheap generic cialis

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