The entire Republican Party left

standing today, Hate voting SO


much; They will do anything to

stop people from doing It which

includes blockin’ the John Lewis

Voting Rights Act. They are ALL

monsters Who Deeply Hate this

country. The Fascists, & Racists

they love; the rest of Our entire

Nation/Democracy not so much

Aside from Obstruction & racist

Fascist Hate; Republicans Offer

(We Know)

nothing to voters. They do offer

LOTS of criminal acts, a slew of

legal problems and Endless Jail

time coming. They’re a criminal

Cult mixed with Lawless Crimes

“Nothing More”. And, With each

passing election Cycle, they will

slide into the Abyss they clearly

created For Themselves. In The

meantime all the consequences


they’re about to experience will

Be legendary. BUZZ, Time’s Up

NOTE: Merrick Garland, Up To This ‘Point’
Has Been The Wrong Choice For The DOJ
head & refuses 2 follow the law no matter
where it Leads. Our entire Country weeps

Have A “Safe” Day!

One Response to “GQP Hates Voters & Consequences…”

  1. John Bolger

    The GQP will filling the jails at record rates pretty soon!

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