Right Now the US Senate Is

being held ‘hostage’ by one

(Death Stare)

thing; Joe Blow The Machin

Ass. Forget that Schumer’ll

get the votes 2 end the ass

Filibuster; He Will Get them

And We Must “Pass” the For

‘The People Act’, To Protect

Our Entire Democracy, And

Our Right to Vote. If we Do

not Act, there Won’t be any

(Who, us?)

‘Democracy left’ to govern

Oh & Speaking Of Big loud

Criminal Assholes; It turns

out Now Mo Brook as been

“Served” a big old law suit

Ha!!! The entire republican

Party is legally Doomed, In

Every Possible Way. All, of

Their “Criming”, Ends With

them jailed/facin such dire

(Bye bye!)

legal Consequences. Good!

Time is ticking fast. Ooops!

NOTE: 15% Corporate Tax is Just the
beginning. In the Eisenhower Days, It
was 90%. We are Watching a balance
In Two Acts. This Will Find The Best #

Have A “Safe” Day!

2 Responses to “Joe Blow, Mo Problems & Busted…”

  1. John Bolger

    Manchin will taken out of the equation. The numbers are there. Enough!

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