While DC “deals” with a vital

infrastructure bill that all the


Republican’s Will Oppose For

no other Reasons than, blind

Anti-Democracy hate, all the

rest of the world is watching

these “Fraudits”. That is just

what they are; Extensions of

their Voter Suppression bills

See, what ever they all claim

“Others” are Doing, is Really

what THEY Are Doin’ Or Just

trying To Do. It’s Just Called

Projection. They’re usin’ The

(AZ & TX)

Fraudits just to understand

HOW electronic voting even

works. Then they’ll attempt

to cheat. See they can’t win

(It won’t work & will Kill their
own Voter Turnout in the end)

ever again With their hated

policies; So Suppress & just

cheat is all they got left. We

Know, They Didn’t Abandon

‘Orange Criminal Ass’, They

love & Support Him which’s

(Bye Bye!)

their final death knell. And,

why they refuse to Debate

ever Again. They’re At War

With Reality & losing Badly

NOTE: Maga Chode Tito Ortiz Quits due
To Being A Shitty Pro-Temp Mayor, And
nothing more. He’s a lyin Insane lunatic
Who can’t handle when called out for all
his failings/conspiracy lies he’s a coward

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

4 Responses to “The “Fraudit” Goal & No Debates…”

  1. John Bolger

    Down, down, down Republican’s all go. Ignore reality, you get a show!

  2. Aristofamn

    Ho ho ho 🙂 🙂 🙂 Goooooood!

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