Dr. Fauci Testified today to the Senate Explaining

how “opening too quickly” will cause this to be so

(“Ah no, dumbasses!”)

much WORSE. He made it Clear, he Spoke of the

best CDC Practices he used facts. And that really

“Bothered” Republican, Rand “Squirrel Nest Hair”

Paul. See, Rand didn’t have a “Virus” or Scientific

question. Oh……just conjecture of “you’re not the

end all or one Person who gets to Decide”. Ahem,

NO, he’s not. That’s not what Science is mr Straw

Man Hair. Nor, would he claim to be. However If

you want to “Stack your Knowledge” of COVID19

AGAINST His at this Time, have at it asshole. We

(“I iz a Doctorb”)

need less of these Morons like Paul Who are now

shootin’ from the Hip Without knowledge. A loud

mouth moron Isn’t the same as an Accomplished

proven Professional. They Never will be. Speakin’

of that, the SCOTUS will now rule on Rumps Tax

Returns. Things look Overly bad for Orange Idiot

NOTE: Bryan Adams Has Now Cut His Career “With A
Knife”. He Knows How That Cuts In His Insane COVID
Rant about eating some, “Wet Market ‘Animal’, Eating
Bats, I can’t tour”. He Wanted to promote “Veganism”

Have a “safe” day!


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