We now have 81,545 dead from this dangerous

virus. And We Have ZERO Leadership Currently

(Run Away!)

in the United States At the Federal level. Why’s

that you ask?!? Because we have a lying, racist,

& Utter fucking MORON in Charge of this Entire

non-response/process. Shit got so bad today In

his “Deluded Circus” he fled the press. Yes, you

read That Correctly. He was Asked a “Question”

about “Bragging About Testing” When We Have

lost A RECORD Amount of Citizens to This Virus


He Claimed “Ask China” to an Asian Reporter &

she Pushed back on his racist lunacy. When she

did, he called on another Reporter who stepped

up while The 1st Journalist Asked “Why are you

saying That to ME, specifically?!?”. Then he did

what COWARDS do, he Ran. Well, more like he

“Waddled” his FAT, vile, racist ass away. And in

usual fashion, he lied Non-stop about everythin’


We do Not ‘lead in testing’, anyone who wants a

test Can NOT get a test. He’s dying in front of us

RIP: Jerry Stiller. He was a Comedy Legend Pure Joy,
Kindness, Love, & A True ‘Pro’. As Brilliantly Funny As
He Was, Lovingly Grounded With Anne Meara & Ben S

Have a “safe” day!


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