20.5 Million People Have lost their jobs. It Is the

HIGHEST ever since the “Great Depression”. It is

(<-Nope, You)

Now Trumps Depression. Ask Hoover How That

went for him At the Polls. To add 2 our troubles

we’re losing More Citizens To COVID And these

people matter. James Carville called it best with

the claim “they were going to “lose” before this

shit. They’re just goin’ to Lose Worse now. And

they all know it”. He called the Entire Campaign

For Trump “Grifters” Just About Making “Money”


And, While Trump / The Entire Republican Party

save For Mitt Romney let our Country burn Into

ashes; Racists took the life of An innocent black

man For simply “Jogging”. These ‘Monsters’ are

in Custody & will Have the Book thrown at them

This level Of Hate Will Not Stand. No More Ever!

NOTE: Staff Under Pence/Trump Have Tested Positive For
COVID19. Yep. They “Have” It. You Can Book it Right Now

Have a “safe” weekend!


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