These Deaths are Horrible. Every day Amasses

another Horrific Day of these Painful Victims of

(<-COVID Kid)

this Pandemic in this world. In 3 short days we

just went up around 7,000. That is very serious

shit there. And while this “Stark reality” Hits us

every Day; you have lunatic Republican fuckers

pretending nothing is wrong. WTF?!?!? This will

be the end of their party as they knew it. And it

will try to “Rebrand” after all of this death. That

(We Know)

won’t work. See, these cretins only Want Power,

not actually SERVE their Voters in any Real way

RIP: Don Shula, Miami Dolphins Coach And Great Ex
Player. Simply one of The Best Ever. Football Royalty

Have a “safe” day!


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