While Orange Fuckstick was on national TV

openly Admitting He Will Violate Campaign

(“I criminal”)

Finance Law, the “Logan Act”, Emoluments

Clause, CRA of 2002 & many more in sayin

he would accept election dirt from a foreign

hostel government with “I’d take it” his lyin

machine known as Sarah Sanders suckabee

will leave At the End Of This Month. Oh the

lies she Told, Sold, Rolled & doled. All in all

no one On This Planet Will Miss her & she’ll

have No Career After This. GOOD! All these

Immoral Asshole Monsters Deserve this Big

(<-“The Exit?!?!”)

Karma Bomb, Exploding In Their Idiot Laps

And as their whole House of Cards Tumbles

Down, Kelly CONway is Now “Busted” for a

clear Violation of the Hatch Act. Ooooooops

Have a day!


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