Now, AG Barr & Wilbur Ross were just Held

in Contempt of Congress so what does that


that mean?!?! It Means a “Formal” charges

AGAIN for An “Administration” who are ALL

legally fucked. That is what It Really means

And as Hope Hicks Finally agrees to Testify,

which Means they All See It Coming now at

this point. Those is Obstruct, will face these

grave legal consequences. Speakin of grave

consequences…we are at the 3 year mark to

(No shit!)

this Date, of the ‘Pulse Night Club Shooting’

And Since that Day, & the Countless Others

that lay Ahead from Horrific “Gun Violence”

Not a SINGLE Thing Has been Done Yet On

This Matter. New Zealand Has One, & They

Pass laws Banning Assault Weapons Within

the Fucking WEEK. And has there been any

attacks since March 15th? No, there has not

And in their “Countries history”, there Have

(No shit)

Just Been Four Mass Shooting killing Five Or

more people. FOUR; we get That in 9 weeks

NOTE: Orange Asshole Polling At Just 41% Tells The World
Even GOT’s season 8 & Shaq’s FT% are 10-14 points better

Have a day!


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