The Tax Cut Turtle just publicly admitted what we

ALL already Knew. R’s do Not like citizens to Vote!

(Ahhh, yup!)

Period. End of story. He Knows the Golden Rule of

“voting”. If it’s Higher Turnout, people vote for the

Democrats. So their goal? Suppress the vote at all

costs. Well no shit!?!?!?!? That’s not Going to work

any more. Voter Turnout This Past Midterm Was so

massive, it was the most in our Current history. So

what Happened?!?! Just what I Told you would, the

Democrats Stomped Taking Back The House & with

out Rigged “Gerrymandering” Would Even Hold the

Senate as well. They are “terrified” for the next 70+


years. And, they Should be. Speaking of “Terrified”

Trump will be ‘getting’ No Wall. Zero. Nada. Zilch!

Even Orange Puntin-sicle Knows It. If, he Tries his

illegal “State Of Emergency”, ‘Republicans’ Will Be

sealing their political careers in the tomb with him

All While Mueller is bearing down on them. Ooops

NOTE: In The Horrible Racist Attack, Against Jussie Smollet is
Closing In On The Attackers. We Now Have Visual Images But
Not Defining. No Matter. The ‘Circle’ Is Closing, They Will Both
Be Caught. And ‘Justice’ Will Have It’s Day. Racist Evil Fuckers

Have a day!

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