This is an incredible story. A ‘glut’ of far

right Wing Political Lobbyists & Activists

(<-We Pay $)

were all invited, to Russia, in 2014, by a

group of Top Putin Oligarchs. The entire

“purpose” was for Russia to Court These

political Lobbyists/activists solely to help

Russia ‘Interfere’ In US Politics (E-mails)

They accepted. This is massive. It shows

that most of the “Far Right wing” allies in

all “sided” with Russia & Putin. Now in all

(We know)

fairness (Since this is an objective site &

all) some American Conservative groups

did NOT Want to Attend due to the clear

appearance of “Giving Putin Aid Or Help”

One of those Was Concerned Women for

America. And in the mean time Russia is

STILL at it today “leaking” stolen Mueller


Documents Via Twitter. This Means They

are very Desperate. Tick, tock. Times up!

AND he Meet With Putin, only with Mrs T

NOTE: Most Of The African American Players From
Clemson Did “NOT” Go To Visit Trumpy At The WH

Have a day!

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